Saturday, 28 February 2015

MsDirection HHJC: Check In

Hey Lovelies! Happy Saturday! This in the last check in for February and this means we are done with 2 months of the challenge and left with 4 more months. Also I hope we have all adhered to the mini no heat challenge, and have stayed away from heat altogether with the exception of using the heat passes. (We have 3 heat passes till the no heat challenge ends.)

This week's challenge is focused on staying inspired or motivated. In order to make your hair journey successful, it is important that you stay inspired so as to not give up on your hair journey. Many times after a person has been on a hair journey for a while, the kind of zeal that was started with tends to fade as there is no motivation. This causes ''hhj-ers'' to get lazy and non chalant.

How To Stay Motivated
  • Set a goal and create a vision board. The vision board can include a picture of a length goal or a hairstyle you cannot achieve due to the state of your hair. The vision board can include encouraging words like "I can have gorgeous hair too", ''My Hair grows too'' and must be strategically placed so that you come into contact with it often. Vision boards are a great way to maintain focus and gain motivation.
  • Join hair care forums or groups, or create one. I have been in a Whatsapp group bout hair care for close to 2 years now, and every time, the members come up with links and pictures and stories and the stories and pictures are a great reminder that I'm on a hair journey. The group members also encourage other members and give advice based on their experiences too.
  • Join Hair Care Challenges. At the start of the year, and even at the start of each quarter, challenges are being started all over the internet. Some with end prizes and some without. Joining challenges is another good way of motivating yourself to strive forward.
  • Read Hair Care Blogs. The successes and setbacks of hair bloggers have been put publicly to inspire readers and educate readers. Take advantage of it. Some hair blogs like this one has hair features which usually include progress/comparison pictures. Reading such blog posts in your spare time is enough to encourage a person.
  • Get a hair buddy! Someone with the same goals as you, and with similar lengths. Working with someone is always always better.
Check In Queestions
  1. How do you stay inspired/motivated on your HHJ?
  2. Do you have a hairspiration, or quote that keeps you going? 
My answers; I use vision boards, hair challenges and the hair buddy system to stay inspired. I am also in awesome groups with lovely ladies that keep me going. My current hairsipirations are Kirsty of, my hair buddy Shona Lee and group member Fatima. I always say "First they will laugh then they'll copy. There's no room for negatiivity on my journey."

Stay Awesome,


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