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We feature the beautiful Kirsty of . This girls hair is the BOMB.COM. I love her blog, I love her progress! Feast your eyes on long, healthy, thick, relaxed, Ghanaian hair. I hope you enjoy her feature and learn a little something from her!!

1.Your hair is........(relaxed includes texlaxed, natural, loc'd)
(Include how you started your journey)

My hair is relaxed.My journey started out of curiosity.I was perfectly content with my stunted growth and breaking hair because i never thought black hair could grow long and i didn't know what was making my hair break.Actually, i felt i had GREAT and GORGEOUS hair even though i saw hair all over my floor anytime i combed it. A friend made mention of wanting castor oil for her hair and my curiosity led me into an intensive research about the oil (it was my first time ever hearing about an oil called castor lol-hard to believe now) and one thing led to another.I got introduced to a whole new world of hair through the internet.I couldn't believe it.So i decided to put everything I had read and watched concerning black hair to the test since i had my doubts (major doubts)...and that's how my journey started.

2. What's your current length? 
My current length is bra strap length (BSL).

3. How long have you been on a hhj and how long did it take to get to your current length? 

.I started my HHJ October,2013 so I'm a year and four months into my HHJ. I begun with shoulder length hair and at 1yr i made it to grazing BSL and 1yr 3months full BSL.

4. What's your daily and weekly regimen like? 
  • Daily-Moisturize and seal with ORS hair moisturizing lotion, seal with a mix of oils. Sleep in satin scarf or cap. Oil scalp lightly and massage as and when i remember.
  • Weekly- wash and deep condition hair once a week, comb hair once a week (wash days),finger detangle, be in protective styles all week.

5. How do you like to wear your hair. ( i.e your go to protective style)

My go to protective styles will be buns,duchess braids and twists/roll and tuck/pin.All without extensions.I do these 90-95% of the time.

6.  Have you suffered a setback on your journey? How did you deal with it? If no, what's the one setback you would like to avoid? And how are you avoiding it?
.I haven't suffered any setback yet (thank you baby Jesus!) and i hope i don't suffer one.However, the one setback i really want to avoid is thinning ends.I do not ever want to experience this.I try to keep my ends in shape, by giving it enough moisture and whatever treatment i give to my hair and i constantly keep my ends hidden.i also trim my hair when necessary.

7. Are you on any diet or are  taking any vitamins to promote healthy hair growth?
I am not on any diet neither am i taking any hair supplements.I have tried hair supplements (manetabolism  and biotin to be specific) in the past though but didn't take them religiously (a bottle for a month took me three months lol and I still have a full bottle sitting around now).

8. If you could have 5 hair related items, what would they be and why? (Briefly)

Hmmm, tough question but I'd say (not in order of priority):
  • Hooded hair dryer - to serve as dual purpose for deep conditioning with heat as well as roller-set and silk wrap in the comfort of my home.
  • ORS Hairepair line -I've heard really great things about the line and ORS has already pleased me with replenishing conditioner and creamy aloe shampoo so I want to try their new line as well.
  • A really pretty wig-for protective styling or days my own hair is in terrible shape
  • A relaxer highly suitable for my hair- I don't plan on going natural anytime soon. I love the state of my hair being relaxed so I might as well get a really good hair relaxer that will make me smile from ear to ear on relaxer days.[SUGGEST SOME BELOW!]
  • Bamboo leaf tea-said to contain high levels of silica and makes hair and nails strong. Count me in!
9. What do you wish you knew before your hhj?
To keep it simple, I wish i knew everything i know now. 

10. Encourage someone also on a hhj.
It's never too late to start caring for your hair. There's no hair that's beyond redemption.there's nothing like terrible,horrible,no good very bad hair.every hair can grow and be healthy. It just needs TLC.
Invest in your hair-time and money. If you are new to it all and the journey is overwhelming,know you will get a hang of it pretty soon and life will be such a breeze on most days. Be consistent with hair care,stay positive and lastly be realistic about your hair goals. It doesn't grow all long and healthy in a month.

I really hope you enjoyed getting to know about Kirsty's journey like I did. Do check out her blog

Stay Awesome,


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