Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ms.Direction - HHJC Check in 5!

Hey lovelies!

Hope you are well. Last week due to matters beyond my control, there was no check in. I hope our hair wasn’t neglected though. We are skipping right to week 5.

Protective styles are a great way of keeping your hair under wraps and away from the usual antagonists of our hair  progress like, wind, our cotton clothes, using the comb daily, and others. Protective styles include weaves, wigs, cornrows, buns, twists, box braids and may be with or without artificial hair extensions, Protective styling done according to hair needs is a good way of retaining length as well as taking care of your hair despite a busy schedule.  


  • Consider your lifestyle before deciding on a protective style. If you have a bus lifestyle, you might want something that you feel you can care for long enough and is fairly easy to care for.

  • Consider your hair needs and problem areas. If your edges are a problem, you might consider wigs over weaves and weaves over braids to avoid the tugging on the edges. And you might have to go for big braids instead of small braids to avoid tiny knots which cannot be undone.

  • Regardless of what choice you make, your protective styles should never be too tight.

  • Your protective style must give you access to your scalp. This is especially necessary for weaves/sew-ins.

  • Before setting out to protective style, set a regimen or plan for the weeks or days you’ll have the style in. Note that, protective styles are not an excuse to neglect your hair. Hair care still goes on. It’s just a means to an end,

  • Make sure you always pick a style that works for you. Not one that cause any damage to your hair. If it causes damage it is NOT protecting.


  1. What is your favourite/go to protective style?
  2. Do you care for your hair in your protective styles? How?
 Stay Awesome,


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