Saturday, 6 December 2014

Relaxer Update|| 23 Weeks Post (The End of a Long Stretch)

Today, 6th December 2014 I ended my longest relaxer stretch yet, at 23 weeks post relaxer. 
I used “ORS HAIRepair No Lye Conditioning Relaxer System,” instead of my usual “Profectiv Color Restore.” I wanted to give this one a try because I heard such good things about it and I wasn’t disappointed. 

I’m in school right now but I went to home to get this touch up done and with a new stylist. This stylist created such a good impression for herself last week.

The Story- I washed my hair at home and deep conditioned. Left my DC in my hair and went to the stylist who lives right across my house, to rinse and get a roller set. My hair was so tangled and clamping together and the stylist, using a wide toothed comb and a large needle (The ones used for weaving) detangled for more than an hour and then used a big comb for my roller set as I was 22 weeks post. I knew instantly, I wanted her to relax my hair this week.

Before the process began

 The Relaxer Process:
Soon as I got to the salon, I told her exactly what I wanted;
1.       No overlapping
2.       Nape and edges last
3.       We are working fast and with time.
And she complied. She was ready to do it the way I wanted it done.

I usually use Vaseline to base my edges and already processed ends before relaxing but I knew the relaxer kit had a cuticle shield which served the same purpose so I skipped that.

She sectioned my hair, coated my ends and based my hairline.

Then started to apply the relaxer at which point I started the stopwatch on my phone
Her relaxer process was a bit different than I’m used to and I loved it. She applied the new growth to all sections on my head before returning to the first section to smooth.


She used her fingers to smooth, but after 6 months my new growth was a beast so she asked if I wanted a comb and I said yes.
Smoothed out and no overlaps. She listens!

The application and smoothing process took 26 minutes!
Right after smoothing in the relaxer, literally right after, she indicated it was time to wash out.

Shampooed 3 times, with the “ORS HAIRepair Conditioning Neutralizing shampoo with color cue” that came with the kit.
Followed with the “ORS HAIRepair Nourishing Conditioner” and sat under the hooded dryer for 10 minutes”
Deep Conditioning!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rinsed out, searched for the leave in in the kit…….lol, found none.
So, she used the Dark and Lovely leave in conditioner, some setting lotion and proceeded to roller set.

I used magnetic (smooth) rollers instead of the brush rollers which I prefer because she suggested it. Went back under the hooded dryer for what I’m going to assume was 20-25 minutes.
Roller sets and music!
 And then she gave me a trim. Cutting almost an inch in the back, which was expected, and about ½ inch in the front. She said my ends didn’t look weak but after a year without trimming, I felt the need to.


Went home and took pictures…….haha. I loved how this relaxer update went especially after 23 weeks. I would love to stretch again, and I hope to make my goal of Armpit Length pretty soon.

Stay Awesome!
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