Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hey loves, I know I have been away for so long. I’m really sorry. School just started for me and it took a while to get adjusted to this semester’s timetable. Changes were still being made but for now it is stable. I also had a problem doing some of my course registrations but by the grace of God that has been resolved. Wednesdays are my most liberal days and so I’m making it blog days. I promise to bring you good and insightful posts.
The HHJ Kitchen Finds series will come on Fridays. I’ll try my very hardest to be frequent with those.

What is new with my hair?
For the first two weeks after school started I was wigging it. I used a pixie cut wig cap because it was easier to style and I didn’t want to deal with my hair while I was stressed. I wanted to wig longer than two weeks but my cornrows needed to be redone every week since it messed up pretty quick. I was 10+ weeks post relaxer then and having my hair parted every week was not exactly fun. 

This is why I made the decision to get something less manipulative. Last weekend I got a full sew in weave installed. I was skeptical about this weave because I had never tried this style and I didn’t know how it would look. For starters it was longer than I’m used to, and then it is wavy. I can say so far that I love it because I feel pretty and I get complimented a lot. I’m going to try to keep this for a minimum of 4 weeks. It shouldn’t be hard because school work will keep me occupied.

What else is new?
My YouTube is in operation now. I have 2 videos so far:
 Do check them out. YouTube user ; miranisa wallace
Leave a comment. Subscribe. Thumbs Up. Let me know what you would like to see.

Stay Awesome!!!!!!


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