Saturday, 11 June 2016

The More You Know: Effects of Over Manipulation

Constantly manipulating your hair only leads to breakage. Manipulation can be in the form of over combing, or constantly changing hair styles.
To retain maximum length, it's important that you avoid manipulating your hair and leave your hair be.
The more you manipulate your stands, the more the protein bonds in your hair gets broken down, and the more your hair is likely to break.
Use long term protective styles, low manipulation styles and buns to avoid manipulating your strands.
Some long term protective styles are; twists, box braids, cornrows, weaves and crochet braids.
Some low manipulation styles are; twist outs, curly dos, up dos, buns, and straw curls.

Remember low manipulation = length retention.


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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The More You Know: Traction Alopecia and protective styles.

A lot of the time we go to the hairdressers and we get braids so tight that even moving your neck feels so hard. When we take down our protective styles, our edges particularly sometimes feels smooth and bare because the tension of the braids has pulled out strands. Despite this, we still go to the same person to get tight braids again. You are weakening the scalp and destroying the follicles. I this becomes constant, the hair will eventually stop growing altogether.

●If you can't raise your eyebrows, your protective style is too tight.
●If you can't turn your head, your protective style is too tight.
●If you notice a rash around your head a day or two of installing your protective style, it's too tight.
●If you have a throbbing headache after you do your protective style, it's too tight.
●If you think your protective style is too tight, it probably is.


Remember not all traction alopecia is reversible. It's better to try to avoid it all together.

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