Tuesday, 8 July 2014

#Afrotastic 2014

.Last Saturday July 5, 2014, I had the priviledge to not only attend but also take part in a natural hair event as a team member. It was, Afrotastic 2014 and it took place at the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) in Adabraka in Accra. The show was a success.
The show was supposed to start at 9am but by half past eight the first guest arrived all the way from Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo Region. I was surprised and I knew that the event was going to have a huge turn up. I wasn’t wrong.

The show was well organized, well planned and very entertaining. The auditorium was full with women being the majority and all of them seemed really eager to see what the show had to offer. The MC of the show was comedian / public speaker, James Brown, sporting an afro wig. He kept the audience entertained and laughing for a majority of the show.

The show started with a prayer as should all shows. There was a viewing of a documentary titled “400 Years without a Comb”. It was basically a history of black hair. Their journey through slavery, when they felt unworthy or inferior because of their hair, the transition to the hot comb and lye relaxers and grease and finally the return to their roots and the beginning of self- acceptance.

The audience was introduced to the sponsors and vendors of the show. There were lots of good products and accessories for sale. The vendors were from Ghana and Nigeria. They included, Afrocomb natural hair salon, African Naturalistas hair products, Body Butter Company, AfroRiri products, Urban Makes, PMK World, TAMA products and others. The variety was amazing.

There was spoken word by two very talented poets. And poems were uplifting and witty and just really good. There was a song performance from Abena and her guitar which was also very entertaining.

Then, we had a talk on Personality and Self-Confidence by the beautiful Rama Brew. Most of the audience was star struck, pulling out their ipads, tablets, and phones. I personally think it was the most recorded segment of the event. Rama was so interesting. She captivated the audience with her mini stories and demonstrations and enlightened the audience. She talked about loving youself. She talked about taking charge of your own hair. And then she talked about her locs. She was just being herself and that was awesome.

The Basic Hair Care with Questions and Answers segment was next, led by AfroDiva and Annette. It started with the debate on what natural hair was. The audience had different views on what constituted natural hair and some felt ‘virgin hair’ was a better term for the kinks. They talked about regimens and hair care but they didn’t recommend any products because as AfroDiva explained, everyone’s hair is different. Different products work differently for different people. Annette also demonstrated the ideal way to wash natural hair with less tangles and breakage. It was followed by a live big chop for a lady who had been transitioning from relaxed to natural.

The hair show followed with three hairstyles from AfroComb on three models. Followed by more poetry and music.

Next, was my favourite part. Giveaway and raffles!!!!!! While I wasn’t allowed to win anything as a team member, it was exciting to watch the reactions of the winners and wanna-be winners. Some ladies had their fingers crossed and were chanting their names. The winners had this smile of sheer happiness. And some were bummed out. It was an exciting time. I was even more excited when my twin sister won and then my cousin. Hell yeah!! I’m sharing their stuff with them. And I went with a little girl to get her price. That makes me a winner too. Don’t you think?

When the show ended everyone rushed to the vendor stands to get the products they had set their minds on. While others posed against the Afrotastic back drop for their selfies and groupies. I got myself a few goodies too. I stocked up on my shampoo and conditioner. I wanted a coloured satin bonnet but I too was bummed out because it ran out.

The event was a mega success. I loved it.

Stay Awesome ♥♡♥♡


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