Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I Did My Own Braids.......

.........., with a little help. :)

So last week I came up with the idea of doing box braids as a protective style for a few weeks, but, I didn't want to go to the salon and I wanted to challenge myself.  I went on YouTube, and watched box braid tutorial videos. I downloaded a tutorial video which I watched almost daily for the week. So, on Sunday I went to a salon and bought a pack of kanekelon hair extensions. I wanted something black, but, what I got was a colour 99J which was reddish/wine-ish.

I started the process at half past four in the evening.  It was difficult stretching the extensions.  The stylists make it look so easy. It's not! Took me almost an hour stretching one pack. I started the braiding process at half past five and I had to go eat supper. By, a quarter to seven I had started the braids. I decided to call it a day at 9pm. I was excited. I was done with the front. I still had a lot to go behind but I knew I could do it. I went to bed.

On Monday, I started braiding again after 8am. I braided till I ran out of extensions. That was around 10am. I took my bath and relaxed with tv and instagram and anything else. After 2am I decided to go get another pack of hair. Stretching although easier this time was still time consuming. I started braiding again a few minutes to 3pm, stopped for supper and went right back. It was hard getting to the back and so I waited for my mum. She started at 8pm while watching her telenovela so. It took almost an hour to do 10-15 braids and by 9pm, we were done and waiting for water we had put on the fire. By 9.30 the process was completed and the braids had been set.

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I am super pleased. I will definitely do my own braids again.

Stay Awesome! ♥♡


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