Wednesday, 16 July 2014

It's My Hairniversary!!!!!

365 days of conscious efforts to take care of myself, and changing my lifestyle for hair growth. A year of learning and adapting to meet my hair needs. I have had questions from people about this journey i have decided to take. I will address these concerns.

The most common question I'm faced with is, "Why are you on this journey? Why did you decide to grow out your hair?" - I decided to start this journey because I was made to believe by people around me and by myself that I had unhealthy 'non-growing' hair. I was tired of looking at other people with thick long hair and wishing it was me and I was ready to make that me. On 16th July last year, I got my hair relaxed for the first time since completing secondary school and decided that this was my first step to long healthy hair. i opted for a relaxer treatment because I fancied long hair and I wanted to have a better idea of my growth without shrinkage. I had done a lot of research before making this decision and I felt inspired by what I saw on the internet and YouTube. I had a lot of hope for my hair. I look back and I'm glad I made that decision.

Correction: 13-07-13** 
I have also had people ask me, "How do you stay motivated? How do you have s much zeal?" - First and foremost, I think that to be on any journey one should learn to be self motivated and try to persevere without external support. Yes it's not easy. Yes, the journey is so much better with support, but if you are overly dependent on that you will give up. You should know that, whatever you decide to do, you do for you.
I have never lacked in support. My mum, my sister and my family have been very supportive during this past year. I also have a very very supportive Whatsapp group. We keep ourselves motivated sharing our successes and setbacks encouraging each other.

One year Comparison Shots
 A personal question to myself. Am I pleased with where I am now? - Absolutely! I am beyond where I ever thought I would be. I know now what my hair likes. I know my staple products and I am beyond content. I see my progress. Other people see my products and are inspired and it is really a fulfilling feeling. 365 days of continuous progress. I have never felt setback. And when I have my hair down, my confidence is to the roof. I am absolutely pleased with where I am now!

Word of Advice: All hair grows. Slowly or Fast, it's growing. You need patience and consistency. And your hair definitely needs Tender, Loving Care if you want it to thrive. If you are one to lean on support find a way to get your friends to also start their journey. Keep one another motivated. Learn to be self- driven. Your progress will not be the same as others. What works for you would not work for others. Find a regimen that works for you. Be yourself. Take loads of pictures. See results!

350+ days comparison shots.

Stay Awesome!!


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