Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ruby Directs

1.Your hair is........(relaxed includes texlaxed, natural, loc'd)
My hair is Relaxed

2. What's your current length?
Shoulder Length
 3. How long have you been on a hhj and how long did it take to get to your current length
I have been on my HHJ for 16 months .

4. What's your daily and weekly regimen like?
I do not have a strict regimen, I just give my hair TLC. When my hair is not in braids, I moisturize everyday with Emily Millionaire and Seal with Castor or Coconut oil. I co-wash my hair every week and wash with shampoo once a month. When I braid my hair, I GHE every night, apply T444Z on my scalp weekly and on my edges daily. I also wash my braids twice a month.

5. How do you like to wear your hair? ( i.e your go to protective style)
I mostly wear corn rows or bun my hair as they are my favorite protective styles.

6. Do you use direct heat? If so, how often?
I seldom use heat on my hair. I air dry after every wash.

7. Are you on any diet or are  taking any vitamins to promote healthy hair growth?
shoulder length
I am not on diet and not taking any vitamins for now.

8. If you could have 5 hair related items, what would they be and why? (Briefly)
. Hooded Dryer: It will make Deep Conditioning easier
. Satin Bonnet: To protect my hair whilst I sleep
. Grogarnics Hair and Nail pills: Cos I want long healthy hair and beautiful skin
. CON Argan Oil Range: My hair just loves it.
. Lots of Castor Oil: It grows, thickens and makes my hair shiny and healthy.

bantu knot out

 9. What do you wish you knew before your HHJ?
I wish I had known too much heat was not good for the hair as I used to flat iron my hair daily which made my hair weak and light.

  10. Encourage someone also on a HHJ.
To all the lovely ladies on HHJ’s, I want to encourage you that it is possible to get healthy long and beautiful African hair provided you give your hair all the love and care it needs and also using the right hair products and sticking to good hair practices. No matter how short your hair might be, it will surely grow to your desired length if give it your attention.

Have A Nice Hair Day
Stay Awesome!!!! Mucho Amor. :*


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