Thursday, 1 January 2015

MsDirection Healthy Hair Challange

Hello everyone. It is January 1st 2015, and it is the official start date of the “Ms Direction Healthy Hair Challenge.” Now a few people mentioned to me that the challenge was a bit bland. And since I made the challenge for y’all, let’s make it more challenging.
A few additions have been made in the form of mini challenges within the challenge. Let’s set the ball rolling.

·         Jan 1st 2015 – March 31st 2015: NO HEAT MINI CHALLENGE
Heat damage is no fun and can take away months of progress. Direct heat weakens the hair strands, and, causes the hair to wear off. We all love thick hair and we will achieve this if we put away our flat irons, curlers and heat tool.
If you can’t completely put away your heat tools, you are allowed only one pass direct heat in the three months, and 2 passes of indirect heat (hooded dryer). Low manipulaton styles and protective styles will make this challenge fairly easy and fun.

·         April 1st 2015 – May 31st 2015: SAYING NO TO CARBONATED DRINKS
Healthy hair is as a result of good health. Let’s keep our bodies healthy, by switching up our carbonated drinks for natural juices and water. This will be challenging but your body and hair will thank you. 

·         June 1st 2015 – June 30th 2015: I don’t have a challenge set for the last month. I leave that to you to do. Leave a suggestion in the comment box!
We’ll present our first progress report by March 31st and the final by 30th June.
Entries for the challenge will not be taken after Jan 7th 2015.
For original challenge post, SEE here
Stay Awesome!


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