Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 is here!!!!!!! - Goals and Plans

Hey Lovelies!!!!!
We made it to 2015! We are going to make 2015, an amazing year! It is going to be our year of growth, excellence, greatness, beauty and enlightenment. Our hair journeys will be easier. I speak positive thing into our hair various journeys. We cancel any setback in 2015 and if there is any, we will rise way above it. 2015 will be an awesome year and it’s up to you to make it so.
I have set my goals. Have you? If no, do set them now. If yes, share with me below.

Miranisa’s Goals For 2015
1.       Up my water intake. For some reason, this is hard for me to do. I am good for a couple of weeks, and then fall off the wagon. This time, I am doing this and doing it right, God be my helper. *hides face*
2.       Continue with my scalp massages.
3.       Make a list of staples and stick to it, till absolutely necessary.
4.       Try to establish a no comb till wash day routine.
5.       Try henna!!
6.       Give co washing another chance.
7.       Try more low manipulation styles like flexi rod set, perm rod set, bantu knots out, twist/braid outs.
8.       Products I want to try:
  • ·         Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Moisturiser 
  •      ORS HaiRepair Conditioner 
  •  African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave in
9.       Hair Tools and Accessories 
  •     Flat Iron for long term use, but not regular use. 
  •    Perm Rods 
  •   Flexi rods in varying sizes
10.   Have Fun with this journey.

I plan on restocking: 
  •     CON Argan Oil Shampoo 
  •   CON Argan Oil Intensive Conditioner 
  •    ORS Repenishing Conditioner.
My Plan for “Ms Direction”
·         Post more on the blog. Including wash day posts.
·         Do more tutorials and review on youtube.
·         Do some giveaways!

Thanks for Stopping By!!!! Stay Awesome


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