Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Preparing for A Weave or Braids Installation

Braids and weaves are great protective styles if the correct procedures are followed. They can however cause a lot of damage instead of protecting your ends. Now, before you get your braids or weave there are some things that must be done, and taken note of. Hey, that’s why I’m here. I’ll direct.
Sew in Weave
  1. Before you book your appointment to get your braids or weave installed be sure you have not just taken out another weave or braid. Your hair requires at least one week between extensions, to give the hair time to recuperate. A lot of manipulation goes into taking down braids or weaves and you wouldn’t immediately want to subject the fragile strands to more manipulation. During this break the hair should be kept protected and free from manipulation.
  2. Deep Condition Your Hair- It is important to ensure that the hair and scalp are strong enough to take on another installation with all the tugging and combing. A strong protein treatment is recommended to restore the hair’s protein and to provide strength.
  3. Create a maintenance and cleaning routine. Your hair should not be neglected while you hair is in extensions. What this means is that you should establish guidelines to help you take care of your hair in your braids or sew-in. Two things that have to be done is cleaning the scalp and moisturizing the strands. Depending on the how long the protective style will be kept, you can also deep condition. 
    Box Braids
  • Cleaning- You need to think about how long you intend to keep the style for and then decide how many times you are going to wash or clean the scalp within that time. You also decide how you are going to clean the scalp. Are you going to use regular shampoo or waterless? Are you going to use wipes or methylated spirit?
Scalp wash/waterless shampoo [source: google]

  • Moisturizing- You should get for yourself a braid spray, leave in or moisturizing DIY spritz. Establish a moisturizing routine. Remember hair thrives more when it’s getting enough moisture.
Braid Spray [source:google]

4. Night time routine- Get yourself a hair net or scarf big enough to keep your style in place. This will not only preserve your stlye but also keep your hair in place o reduce the amount of movement your strands go through especially as you sleep. Also to prevent breakage especially with the braids.  
Hair Net [source:google]

 Onec you have this down, you are ready to get an installation. Happy Hair Journey. Keep the hair protected.
Stay Awespme!!!!! 


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