Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Internet and HealthyHair Journeys

On my healthy hair journey I have come to really appreciate the internet. The internet has been a major source of information. Through the internet I have been able to come in contact with, and share experiences with ladies world wide. by going on Google and watching videos on YouTube, I have found solutions to my hair problems. By reading the blog post of ladies on their healthy hair journeys, I have come to know that I am not alone. I have also come to know support and made friends with people.
The Internet also, just keeps getting better. And recent times have seen the rise of apps. Yes! APPS EVERYWHERE. From the Google PlayStore, On Apple, on Windows. Everything is run on apps. I intend on and I'm taking full advantage of this for my hair journey. I'm going to show you how.
1. I use my Google Search app for everything. I search for DIY recipes, I search for Product reviews before I buy any new product, and I search for new tips and tricks for hair growth and retention. YES! I do that.

2. YouTube!!!!! I love love love YouTube. Watching the videos feels like I'm getting first hand information. Some of these YouTubers are so warm and they know exactly what they talking about. I watch everything hair related on youtube. I love YouTube hair progress videos, relaxer updates, D-I-Ys, Big Chops, wash day, hair tutorials everything. BTW I stated my own YouTube. Y'all gotto check it. Pretty please.
YT: miranisa wallace

3. Instagram!!!! Now that's my jam. (I just totally rhymed) It is an app, which offers you the chance to share your progresses and setbacks though images. It has some great support and if you follow the right page, it has tons of information. Beware though, some people can bite. Yikes! But i love this app.

4. Water Your Body! Now I have a problem drinking water. And it is important to drink water not just for your hair journey, but overall health. I was introduced to this app by a lovely lady called Fungi, and I absolutely love it. The great thing about this app is that, it takes your weight and calculates how much water you need. You can however increase it to your preference. You can turn on and off notifications for reminders. It is a great app hands down and very very useful. Do download it from your app stores.

5. The Hair Diary and The Hair Journal. 2 different apps. Similar features. Few Differences. The Hair Journal, I bought from the playstore, however, I hear there is a free one available on apple devices. I love it. Well, loved it till, THE HAIR DIARY. I prefer the format. 1 keep both though. The Hair Dairy is free to download int the app store. (I'm getting

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