Tuesday, 18 November 2014


This healthy hair journey is work. No lie! At the same time it's like sooooo worth it.  Like really!
I'm starting to feel frustrated as the year is ending.

1. MY GOAL OF APL HAIR BY DECEMBER!!!!! Where do I even start? I'm scared, plain and simple. I'm scared because I do not see myself making my goal and I know this and I'm disappointed. i know I'm probably being too hard on myself and I know it was an 'impossible' goal when I set it, but I still did. Has me so engrossed in hair thoughts. Plus I'm afraid I might have a setback. Lol. I'm just paranoid and afraid of the unknown. I'm currently in braids which is a good thing because my hair would have suffered.

2. I AM READY FOR A RELAXER TOUCH UP!!!!!! 20 weeks 4days post currently and ready. I'm in braids but I just know it's time I got a touch up. I plan on using ORS HairRepair Creme Relaxer. It will be my first time using it. I have gotten used to and fallen in love with the Profectiv Color Restore Relaxer. But for some reason, I'm drawn towards this one. I already made my order and I will have it on December 5th from Urban Makes. If you are in Gh and want to get a hair product or styling tool, head on to Urban Makes.

3. HAIR PRODUCTS AND TOOLS!!!!!!! I'm needing and wanting quite a number of hair products. I am going to get some and some I won't even think about due to monetary factors. Any one on a hhj know s how this feels. Plus I'm thinking of ways, I can spend less on my hhj with respect to praoducts. I have recently ordered from Urban makes; a Deep Conditioner (Elasta QP-11+), Processing caps,Peppermint Oil, JBCO. I'm wanting; Curlformers, A moisturizer, and a hair straigthener with heat settimg (YES!! I won't risk it though because I might straighten my hair e'rr day. lol).

4. UNHEALTHY HAIR!!!!!! My! My!! My!!! It is like I have an 'unhealthy hair' radar. I keep spotting hair that will do with a good deep condition, a trim, a wash and a BIG CHOP!!!! CUT IT ALL OFF. lol. And it is because I am on a hhj. It is slowly becoming a pet peeve. Welp! Plus unhealthy pony tails with rubber bands. Like you think they would know that rubber bands did that. Oh well!

5. HEALTHY HAIR AND HAIR ENVY!! Amazing thick hair be it relaxed or natural got me drooling. I pass by ladies with thick ponytails and I always look twice. I need to weave check some of these ladies. Seriously though!!!!

Anyway! Follow my Fb page!! MS DIRECTION GH

That is all with my reflection or thoughts. Let me know I am not alone! Do y'all feel like this too. Leave a comment.

Stay Awesome!!!!!


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