Friday, 20 June 2014

My History with Hair Growth Supplements

I have been on my hair growth journey since July last year but I didn't start with any hair growth pills till November last year. Main reason was I have never been good with taking any pills generally. In November however, I really really wanted to give my hair a boost and so I talked to my mum (I'm a parent's girl.... lol). and she agreed to get me Biotin 5000mcg. On November 7 2013, I started with BIOTIN. I was good for about two weeks but after that I took it only when I remembered, ON and OFF for another 4weeks and then stopped entirely. I still have some left but I have no zeal to take them again. I had absolutely NO problem with Biotin. No break outs, No headaches, No changes with my body except my hair which seemed to grow faster and healthier. i avoided the breakouts by drinking loads of water. Biotin was okay.
I was off growth supplements from the middle of December till May. I went to the pharmacy to get something and I saw PERFECTIL Hair, Skin and Nails. I didn't like them at all. I only used it for 4 days and then i gave it to my twin sister. I felt nauseous every time I took the pill and i actually threw up twice. I researched and found that some people also experienced it and so I stopped. My sister has no side effects and her nails have grown so long and strong from them. Her hair? I don't know. But I'm never taking Perfectil again.
Finally, GROGANICS. Simply put, too big to swallow. For me though! After 3 days I tossed it. I can't tell what it does. or if it works.
I'm looking forward to trying Hairfinity but that depends on the future. If I get my hands on it, I promise I'll be good, well, because I have seen amazing results and I want that to be me. If I get any side effects though, that will be bye bye to Hairfinity and prolly all other growth supplements. But like I said, depends on the future.

I did get Hairfinity and loved the results it gave me, Loved the progress I got. No side effects.

Currently though I am on ABSOLUTELY NO growth supplements.
Thanks for reading. Leave a comments. What's your thought on hair growth supplements? Stay Awesome!
NB. To my readers on growth pills remember to drink loads of water!


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