Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hey loves,
It's been a minute. Ok Ok waaay longer than a minute. And I am back now.

I have been so busy with school. As I type now, I am in the library trying to study as it is exam season and I have just decided to check in with y'all.

What's new:
Hair-wise, nothing really. I am currently 7 weeks post relaxer.
I am in braids for the exam period because I don't think I can properly maintain and care for my own hair while I am stressing about the next exam and what I haven't studied.
I have been in braids for 2 week and my hair hasn't seen a wash since. So there's that.
However, this weekend, I'll do a co wash if nothing at all.

I have been trying to grow my YouTube channel now and have been putting a lot of focus on it.  You should definitly check out my videos and subscribe if you haven't already. The link to my channel is in the tabs. I have  however shared some videos in blogposts already.

This post lacks any pictures but definitely expect a picture-heavy post soon. Some new hair features. Yay! And more updates from me.

My 2nd Hair Versary is coming and it's coming with a lot of mixed feelings. I'll elaborate later. And watchout for a video on my YouTube channel detailing my hhj progress from the very begining to now.

As usual,
Stay Awesome


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